Monday, October 31, 2011

Free Tutorials

Just a little reminder of the free tutorials I have on my side bar.
If you do any up I would love to see,
and show all my friends.

Blessings and have a beautiful week.
barbara jean

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

White Wednesday Drawings

 Love these pictures from a nature book I have.

No, she is not from the nature book....
although she looks like she is naturally grumpy.
These are from a cute kids books I have.
 Wonderful drawings.
 of mice......

Happy White Wednesday!!

barbara jean
 I'm joining Kathleen at Faded Charm for another wonderful Wednesday
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Nature Collage

This is a collage I did some time ago using a pressed leaf.
I love gathering while I am out on my walks.

I added one of my bird nests in a pocket, 
a special word from the Lord..and
a little doily flower.
This is one of my favorite nature collages.

barbara jean

Preserving Nature

 Sometiomes it's fun for me to get out the old dictionary
we used to acutually use to look up words.
The last few years it has been the drying place for 
wonderful gifts from the Lord that I find while on my walks.
 As usual, blogger lets some pics be right side up, and others not...
but today it does not matter.
The leaves are beautiful either way.
 This leaf is almost as big as the page.
The biggest leaf skeleton I've ever found.
 How about the two tones in this leaf?
and, in case you think I punched a hole in
That perfectly round hole is where a buy chewed.
 even scruffy leaves have a beauty to them.

 these two skeletons are so beautiful.
Perfect Fall colors, and shape.

Well, variety is nice, I guess.
For whatever reason a few of these pics are giant economy size.
What next blogger?????

Right side up, sideways, or upside down...
large or small.....
I hope your day is filled with sunshine and smiles.


barbara jean

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Remember this project??? Go HERE to see more.
Well, here is a little addition to it.
These tiny little scale thingies.......
So cute, and patina green too.
Lovin' it!!

That's all today.
Short and sweet.

barbara jean

Creative Blackboard

(be sure to scroll down to post after post
of wonderful ideas!!)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Simple & Fun Ideas

 old brush to hold watch faces, or photos....
 make any old candle holder into Fall decor by adding cheesecloth, and a spider.
(spider comes in package of spider rings at Dollar Tree).

 Candles. These were bright white candles,
not great for my shabby Fall decor.
I held them by the wick, and drizzled yellow paint down the candle,
then rusty colored paint, then some brown.
Now I have some shabby Fall candles.

Happy Tuesday and Blessings
barbara jean

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pink Fun With Grandpa

and butterflies....
to make a girl smile.

For more pinkness go over to Beverly's.
Blessings and Happy Saturday everyone
barbara jean

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Top to the Green Base & More

 Love this Horn Case.
 and look inside. Love that Green.
Think I will turn it up on end and hang jewelry
from that lovely green velvet. =)
 And remember this base??? 
I finally got the top of it to load up and down.
and here it is...
Do you love it??????
A perfectly shabby, old, wonderful green birdcage!!!
I was thrilled to find this!!

Thanks for coming by.
barbara jean

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

White Wednesday Decor

You are looking at one frustrated blogger as far as photos go. 
I so appreciate all the ideas and suggestions but nothing seems to be working.
Maybe I can figure out how to load into Picassa.
Right now I load my disc into my HP printer.
you will find tons of wonderful white photos to enjoy!

Blessings all
barbara jean

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Green.... And Need Photo Help

I'll show you the top half of this wonderful base.

and HELP!
I am once again having trouble getting my pictures
to be up and down instead of sideways.
I have my photos in HP Photsmart.
Anyone know how to get them to Picase?
Or another photo program??

and blessings
barbaraj ean

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rednesday Kitchen Decor

New Kitchen Displays
 cute cubbies.......

 a super awesome old red scale......
 with.... can anyone say ruuuusty!!!!
 and more cubbies!!
Can you tell I love cubbies??? And they do not even have to be red!!!

Happy Rednesday Everyone.

barbara jean


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beautiful Book Pictures, Watches & Clocks

 Well, it did not matter what I did to these pictures.....
 they just would not turn right side up.......
So here they are in all their old cuteness.

And a few new watches too.

More pictures from this beautiful book

love this Mother & Daughter playing piano......
and, oh so sad....
even so, most beautiful work.

White Wednesday Blessings
barbara jean