Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Comic Books

Could not find much on line either.
Anyone know about them?

Thanks for the help.
(Superman Spring 1983)

 Amazing Heroes 1982 


Fandoms (above)1982

Oh, anyone interested in them?
They do not really fit into my vintage store.


Monday, December 23, 2013

Link to latest store post

Here is a link to my latest store post.
And please visit my FB page for new pics every day....
Just do not have time to do it all any more.

Thanks for visiting.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tool Box Display

I got this huge tool box at a sale this summer....
My Mom cleans a lot of my stuff for me,
and when she set this up in the driveway to dry,
I got this instant idea!
It was a super display piece!

So I filled it with little treasures.....

close up of right side,

Closeup of left side and middle.
and wait! There's more.....

Here it is all dolled up for Christmas....

I'm lovin' this piece!!
Now, go out and find yourself an old rusty tool box 
(the bigger the better)
and have fun!

Be blessed


Knick of Time Tuesday

Be Inspired

Friday, December 6, 2013

"new" white treasures

new furniture pieces at the store.
This chippy old 3 drawer unit can be used as small dresser, 
or a nightstand or end table.
Love how perfectly chippy it is.

This is a newer cottage piece.
Love the added trim on door, and up at corners.

 not furniture, but small size ice-skates. 
These are so cute on a sled, or tied to a window with wreath on it.

fun centerpiece idea:
old chippy wood lid,
with candle ring around old insulator.
 (don't forget candle in insulator. battery operated best)

and this has only some white in it but wanted to show you.
We took another old organ apart,
(after we found out we could not get parts to fix it.)
We salvage the parts and use them to make other things.
This keyboard is a great wall decor,
or can be made into a shelf fairly easily.

We hung a wire basket over it and filled it with music and
other things,  and built a music display in the area.

Here is a picture of area just below it with
old violin, violin case, and flute case...

and here is pic of whole area.

thanks for visiting today.
be blessed

Oh, I am on FB all the time, 
so you can always find what is new there.
Not as much time to blog any more. 

 not sure Blissful whites going right now, 
but great blog so hope you will visit.

Blissful Whites Wednesday

Fun Wood Projects

 Quick Project:
had 3 of these oak heat register grates.
Two sold as they wre complete,
and this one had slats missing,
so I finally did a little project with it.
 a Christmas tree.
(You could also get some weathered slats or lath, or new and stain it).
Took me about an hour.

 This I got at an estate sale last month.....

it was filled with these 21 drawers and were they
ever stuck in there, and it was all filthy.
We put it by wood stove for awhile
 and finally got all drawers out.
Now, decision:
fix the 'frame' it was in, which is pretty wobbly and coming apart,
or just sell all the drawers individually.

I love the challenge of putting it all back together, but honestly,
can make much more out of it just selling the drawers.

What would you do???

be blessed

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blissful Whites Christmas Display

 Getting set up for our Simply Shabby Christmas at the shop next week.
(Nov. 14-16)
Here are some bits and pieces of what we have done so far.

always try to have a sled and ice-skates for decor.
Of course they sell fast.....
found a 'spare' sled today at thrift store,
wo we will ahve two at least. =)

Mantle, a bit different each year.
Someone already wants the cathedral mirror....
Did not even make it to the sale.
close up of our tree, with my 
lace flowers on it. 

have a super week everyone.

Lovin' those whites, and grateful for our hostess at Blissful Whites Wednesday.

PS My "Spring" Tree from last week has gone over great.
Sold the first ones, and now orders.
Lot of work, but love the whole simpleness of it.=)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blissful White Project

laid it out on the cement to see what it would look like,
the used old rusty stapes, which I cut shorter,
and hammered in to keep it in place,

 on an old bee keep lid.
It is a "Spring Tree". =)
Do you love it?
(I was going to add burlap knots to it,
 but decided I love it just as it's old rusty self.)

all for today.
be blessed and thanks for coming by
joining Blissful Whites Wednesday. 
go on over and check it out.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Vintage Finds

Went to a warehouse sale last weekend,
and loved this box.....but wait!
 look at the inside... charts, wheel, stuff....

it is a 1955 Voltmeter....used to measure usage of electricity.
so cool. and one of my customners cmae in next day
and his Dad actually used to read meters with one.

 extra charts in the door....
and see the ink bottle at bottom right of door.
It even came with the original bottle of ink in a case, 
to fill this one with. (and still has ink!)
so fun!

more new finds....an old lantern....more to ocme on that.
and an unknown object on yellow stool in middle.
Found out it is a 'crimper' or 'fluter' from early 1900's.
(more on that to come on another post.)
and cranks. I love them! not sure what they are off of, 
but great decor (or towel holder) on a rustic wall.

Here is last find this post. (but more to come)
This great old wringer. 
I have never found one quite like it.

All for today.
thanks for visiting.

Be blessed

Bees Nest

Walked around the side of the house today, and saw this....

a bunch of bees, Yellow jackets, making a hive in the ground....
was so interesting,
but I thought, these do not look like regular Yellow jackets.
So, I snapped these pics with my little camera, and putting on here so I can see them better.
Wondering if they are the 'new' bee I have been hearing about.

any feedback on that?

be blessed

Saturday, October 12, 2013


a sweet giveaway at my friend Dawn's Blog,
 A new book, Paris, Flea Market Style
by Claudia Strasser

Head on over and leave a comment for a chance to win.
Thanks Dawn, and Claudia for the opportunity.

be blessed everyone