Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Piano (and organ) Graveyard

A couple of days ago I showed a picture of the beautiful organ we bought at a thrift store.

I showed you some of the beautiful pieces we were salvaging from it..See here.
 And here are a few more pieces.
Above is one of the ends. Both ends together will make
 a beautiful and unique table for someone's home.

 This is part of the inside....not sure what it did, 
but now re purposed into a photo holder.

cannot wait to show you the ideas for this great keyboard.
And below is the back piece. It is hinged and 
will make a great little divider,
or blackboard..... or ?
there would be some who would be very sad that we
 were tearing apart that gorgeous piece.

But please take a look at the 3 pictures below.
This is what happens to these beautiful old pianos, 
and organs if someone does not save them and re purpose them.
They go to The Piano Graveyard!!
There are several listed on the internet....

Piano Graveyard 
It made my heart sad to see all this beautiful wood, all the engraving,
the gorgeous stops, and keys, and other beautiful parts just rotting away.

So, when we bought that organ, not only are we
 re purposing it into other beautiful pieces,
but we are saving one more thing from the 'dumps' of the land.

If you are one of the people who we made sad by our purchase and use of it,
I apologize.....and do hope this gives you a little different perspective on it.

Be blessed everyone

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I've been featured a
 has been featured at Angie's Knick of Time Tuesdays. So fun!!!

If you have never been over to visit her blog, you are missing out.

She has tons, I mean tons, of great ideas, re purposed vintage, 
 free graphics to print,and she has a cute etsy shop
 where she sells some of her creative goods, and wonderful finds.
She has a pinterest page too.....cannot wait to check that out.

After you get there, on her side bar (and across the top)
are links to all her great pages....
It is an easy to navigate blog too. I love that!!

Here are just a couple of pictures to encourage you to go over.
sweet little display in a drawer.... 


OK. now, get on over there, and plan on spending a bit of time.

Be blessed all


Monday, February 25, 2013

My New Organ......Parts

 I saw this organ at the Thrift Store today,
and fell in love with it!

 Those great trim boards top and front.
And the cover was a bonus!!
I didn't even know it had one till I'd bought it.

 I tried to remember to take photos as we took it all apart,
but of course got busy and forgot.
But here is the key board ......

(Someone has now told me these are called "stops".)
In the picture above you can see how far they go back...maybe 6" or so.


Here is the unit, with the name on it....
Marchal & Smith. New York. University Organ.
This company was established in the 1850's, and closed
in the 1920's.

Got the keyboard out...
this will be a totally cool sign....or several.
Maybe write across top....Sing, Dance, Play...
or cover with music paper first...decisions.
I think it is about 3' wide.

 These are the panels from the back.
Two great chalk boards to me....
What would you do with them???
 My sweet fella, working away helping me....
How about a smile sweetie??....

 This was inside. Not sure what it did either,
 but it was somehow connected to one of the 'stops'.
but can you read the info on it??

A.H. Hammond & Co.
Worchester, Mass.
Patent Nov 6, 1888

  These are the them.
Will take them off base and sell separately.


Here are more thingies... really dusty here...
Little sticks fell off in process...

 Here are same thingies all cleaned up.....

and close up of them too. no idea what they did,
but I'm sure someone will think of something
 wonderful to do with them. 

Thanks for visiting.

Joining in with

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kingsley Type Set in Boxes

 While on vacation two weeks ago, we picked up this wonderful box of Hot Foil type sets.
They all come in boxes with hinged lids, except top one has no lid.

 Here is a close up of the top box...

 Each box has a different font in it, and the fonts are pictured on the front of the box.

 On the lid of each box is the Kingsley Machine Co., Hollywood, Calif.
Some in ovals, some in rectangles, (like below.)
Most boxes have complete sets of type in them,
or at least some of each letter.

Here are the instructions, on inside of lids each box lid.

and here is a close up of type set holders, and how to place type.
Did I get any type set holders???
or the rest of it??
No, silly me.
But we may go back for some....
 (They also had parts of the original print machine,
but way out of our price range....)

Here is a close up of the little 'bins' of type.

entire unit is about 10x8x8"
individual drawers are approx 8x2"
(forgot measurements, sorry)

  Thanks for coming by

Monday, February 18, 2013

Vintage Laundry Treasures

I'm redoing a little corner in the cottage room
and making an old fashioned laundry corner.

You can click the pic to make it larger and see more detail.

 Here is a very small washboard. I put a tiny nail in it
and used it to hang this old Stain Removal booklet....

on top of old ironing board is a smaller board,
and also an old iron...very heavy, and some clothespins and thread spools.

Love putting clothespins in any old tin I can find...

old clothespins and what nots....

 Some sewing items seem to fit in, too..
and baby shoes, well they go anywhere...

and there is a basket of needlepoint books,
and other sewing goodies too. 


Here are some little friends hanging out, too.

Thanks for visiting.

Vintage Inspiration Friday