Friday, January 27, 2012

Pinks in Stitches and Art

It is Floral Stitches
by Judith Baker Montano. (2000)
 It is a wonderful combination of stitch instructions and patterns,
flower design, and personal information on Judith Baker Montano.

 Just look at these sketches and hand written notes.
and Concise directions....

This is the write up from Amazon:
Flowers, gardens, and needlework go together beautifully in the lush designs that make up this collection of fresh floral scenes. A celebrated artist and teacher offers more than 50 designs based on new and traditional embroidery stitches. Includes a helpful color chart. 660 illustrations, 480 in color.

Check it out at this Amazon site and let me know if you are interested.
$9.00 plus shipping. (U.S.)

barbara jean
I'm joining  Pink Saturday this week!
Love pink?? Go check it out!

Nest in a Purse, right side up!

YAY!! I turned it sideways twice, 
and upside down once, 
and tricked it into being right side up.
Now you can see how cute it really
is without straining your neck. =)

blessings all
barbara jean
Oh this is sold, but looking for more cute purses.

New Nest for Feathered Nest Friday

I wanted to show you my newest nest, but.....
I cannot get it right side up.
Photo in my file is right side up,
but it ends up here on blogger sideways.
Even when I copy pasted it to word out of my photo file it ended up sideways there too.
I did the 'turn it aound 4 times' in my photo file, which works sometimes and others not, but it still comes out sideways here.
and it even turned up sideways in Picasa. ugh!!!

so here, with much frustration, turn your heads, is my newest bird nest.
blessings and thanks for visiting.
barbara jean
I'm joining

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Free Graphics

My friend Renae, at
 just added over a hundred new photos to her gallery.
Sweet and beautiful and she puts it together for us to use. FREE!!

Please go over and check it out, and tell her thanks!!

barbara jean

I Won! I Won!!!


Styled by Fifi O'Neill with Photography by Mark Lohman

I am soooo excited to tell you I just won a copy of
Country Romantic Home Magazine from

Thank you Tracie.
And if any of you have not seen Tracie's Blog, you will want to go visit.
She always has loads of cuteness over there.

What a fun way to end a Thrusday!!

blessings all.

Barbara Jean

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Great Giveaway for Lowe's Gift Card

 My friend Courtney at
(awesome blog!!!)
is having a giveaway for a $100 Lowe's Gift Certificate.
How fun would that be???

Get on over and check it out

blessings all

barbara jean
PS check out her cute blackboard tags while you are there.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

White Wednesday Vignettes

 A little bit of fun when you walk into the store....
 and closeups.....(lace flower tutorial on side bar)
 love baby shoes. They just seem to fit in anywhere.
Pocket watch faces too.
 little box I covered myself. Music paper, ribbon, key...
draped with crochet doily, and pearls.
Just the right size for 3 spools of crochet thread.
 vintage glasses and gloves.
Even broken, I  Love the old glasses.
 little nest and cloche....
 Here are those baby shoes again.
 Little hints of Valentine's Day around the store.
How about a little vintage brass stencil 'KISS'. =)
 and below, these dominoes.
How do I tell if they are old??
It is a whole set, and maybe ivory?? Very heavy.
 anyone know how to tell??
 cute? funny? little 'brad' on them.
One of the fun things about having the store:
I am learning so much as I go. =)

Hapy White Wednesday every one.
For more wonderful whites visit Kathleen's Faded Charm.
barbara jean

Cute Frame with Tea Bag Roses

Look what I ofund!!
One of my blogger firends did up some tea bag roses
(free tutorials on sidebar)
and added them to this adorable frame.
(I love how some of, what looks like corrugated 
cardboard shows through).
This was made by Gaya. Her blog is:

Thanks for sharing Gala.
You did a terrific job!!!
Gaya does other wonderful art
so hope you will go check out her blog.

Blessings everyone

barbara jean

Monday, January 23, 2012

Vintage "Crib" and Mystery Item!!

 what is it???
Not sure you can tell, but that metal bracket thingy swivels,
and there are screw holes in it too.
Anyone know what these are??

 I was so excited to find this vintage 'crib', 
until I realized.....
It is too deep for a doll crib.
I think it is a magazine holder. 
Not nearly as fun now. =/ 

No, this is not 3 little birdies waiting for their lunch,
but 3 vintage coin purses that will soon have nests in them.
I'll show you when they are done.
Thanks for coming by,
barbara jean

Joining in with.....

Trouble Getting Out of Bed?

 Check out this awesome and encouraging post
by Becky
 on her Jan. 23rd post.

Blessings everone
barbara jean

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another MOST Awesome Giveaway!!

Rosemary at Villabarnes is having another terrific giveaway.
(maybe if I would quit spreading the word I would win!!)

She does the most beautiful finishes on her pieces.
And she tells us how!

So go on over and enter. =)

blessings all
barbara jean

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lace Flower Tutorial for Sew Crafty Tuesday

Check out my Free Tutorials on my sidebar.

and a giveaway if you play!!!
blessings and happy creating.
barbara jean

Vintage Treasures

by Forstner Sterling from 1930's and 40's.
So fun to find a treasure, and then find out'it really is a treasure!!
Sells for up to $50-$69 online. woohoo!!!
 And found this treasure too.
It is a pin from a Untied Spanish War Veteran, 1898-1902.
Any collectors out there know the value of this???

 And here is a cool old suitcase.....
 with a mirror inside......

 and the rest of the set all ready for travel. too.
Even has a name written in it!!
From the 1940's I'm guessing.

Thanks for hosting Angie.

blessings all

barbara jean

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Awesome Giveaway!!!

  is haivng another wonderful giveaway.
I LOVE her work, and all the wonderful finishes she uses,
and generously shares directions with us.
Please go take a look around, sign up to follow her
and enter her giveaway!

blessings all
barbara jean

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fun Graphics For You

My friend Angie, at 
has some wonderful graphics for you. 
I especially love the old magazine ads,
but she also has some sweet Valentines today.
So, after you have checked out the post I have linked here,
and seen what she has done with these great graphics,
be sure to go "HOME" and see today's post. 
And check out her whole blog.
You will not be disappointed!

Thanks Angie, and blessings to all
barbara jean

Ladies Watches

 I just got a batch of the tiniest vintage women's watches, (minus cases).
That is, face, and works, but no outside.
These have been so hard to find here,
so I was thrilled to find them.
The mans watch is in pic so you can see how very tiny these are.
Most 1/2" or less!!!
oops. sideways
Like these 4, and a couple more.
I think the rest are sold,
but just in case, let me know if you are interested.

I'm showing these off for white Wednesday!
(even though not all of them are white) =)
barbara jean
White Wednesday 
Click pictures to enlarge.