Friday, April 27, 2012

More "Mystery" Stuff

care to take a guess....
 at what it is????

 fun parts.......
 and whatnots......

 did you guess yet?????
 will tell you......
 another day......
see ya'

barbara jean

Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Treasures and Vignette

 just a  peek at a few things I picked up
that cool old brass cup is from Portland Oregon....
just 100 miles from us. A souvenir cup I think.
 here is an old, and very unique razor.
I'm going to check it out.
It was made in Portland Or too. very cool!
And here is a new little vignette for the store.
I saw the shade idea somewhere,
and gave it my own look....
Bird nest and treasures....

Hope you will all have a great weekend.

barbara jean

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So Faaaar Behind......

So, I have all these new pics to show you....
treasures I have found.....
and things I have made....
 so here are a few quick pics.
cool case huh?
perfectly worn black leather.....
and look what I found inside.
surgical instrument??? you're not using that on me....
 Oh, body massager my sweet fella says.
That's a different story. But it weighs a ton!

 Here is a cute idea.
I took the 'guts' out of a sewing machine......
and used the stripped down base for a flower vignette.
(parts coming soon...for sale)
 Quick and easy project.
Tiny peat pot.
brush on white paint
 stuff in some moss, or anything really.

stamp some butterflies and flowers on side.....
add  trim....
and fill with lavender put in some tulle and tied shut.

A sweet little 'love' gift.
(Mom's day is coming you know)

Off and running.
Busy week getting ready for Vintage Marketplace.

blessings all
barbara jean

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I wish if there has to be
 "word verification' on blogs,
 they could at least make them readable.

I am so tired of trying to read it
 3 or 4 times before there is one
 I can read well enough to actually type in.

Getting so now I just pass them up.

That's it. Done grumbling.

blessings all
barbara jean

Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby Shoe Bouquet Tutorial

Here is the Baby Shoe Bouquet tutorial I promised you.

It is from an idea that Dawn, at
The Feathered Nest
had for my teabag roses, and baby shoes.

Start with a baby shoe.
Vintage is nice, but if you do not have vintage,
try my tutorial HERE to make on look vintage.

You will also need some teabag roses.
Tutorial HERE.

After you have aged your shoe, stuff it almost full of tissue, or stuffing.
This is to keep the nice shape of the shoe.

Now, take your 20 or so roses you have made,
and put 3-5 in cheesecloth and pull it up around them a bit.
It makes a little bouquet.
These can be used by themselves, or for your shoe.

Start gluing the little bundles into your shoe,
letting some of the cheesecloth poke up out of them,
and some hang down over side of shoe.

Continue till shoe is full, gluing one bundle to another as you go.
Trim any cheesecloth off that you do not want.

To finish, I added a piece of cotton lace trim over the laces,
Then glued buttons to it.
I tied a bow at this side.
So, there you have it.
A sweet little baby shoe rose bouquet.

(for those observant people out there who noticed
this is a different shoe than I started with, you are right.
I had this one all done, then realized I had taken no pics!
This is actually one of my 'new turned vintage' shoes.)

More to come with different style roses.
A different look than this one. =)

Please, let me know if you do up any of my tutorials.
I would love to feature what you have done.

Hope you are enjoying your day.

(Oh, and I have just finished something new!!!
I cannot wait to show you!)

barbara jean

PS I may have already posted this, but could not find it,
so, hope it is not a rerun for you. =)

White Wednesday 
Knick of Time Tuesday

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A New, Too Cute, Nest

Wonderful on it's own....but....
take a look at the rest.
a little birdy in a nest......

 and another birdy in a nest.....
 and here it is in it's entirety. 
A lovely bird condo in an old coffee grinder.
Do you love it as much as I do???  =)

Have a great week everyone.

barbara jean

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pink Saturday

 Some Pink for you Pink Saturday visitors.
some cards I did with stencils to look like watercolor flowers.
Pink hankies and jewelry

 Some doilies in creams and pinks
a cute little girls apron

and new at my place....
Betty Lou's Boutique soaps,
 and soon to come lotions and candles.

Happy Pink Saturday everyone.
barbara jean

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Will Sing.....

I will sing a new song to the Lord, 
whether I feel like singing or not.

blessings on your day
barbara jean

This is my little White Wednesday post today.
Thank you for hosting Kathleen.
(more of this project reveal soon.)  =)