Friday, December 31, 2010

Black on Black Fun

Fun with Appliques

Take one plain black purse......

And a find of fun black sequined appliques.......

and have some fun.
LOVE this one!
Pictures do not do them justice.

How about two together?
They are way more sparkly and cool than they look here.

How sweet is this with the gold too?

Here are a bunch laying on the purse
so you do not have to look at 10 more pics. =)

And a sweet little pocket.

What's your fave???


barbara jean
I'm joining these parties this weekend.

A Little Knick Knack
Punkin Seed Productions

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Monticello Trip

I've been encouraged to go check out Monticello,
in Portland, for some time.
Well last week my sweet fella drove me up.

And I just fell in love with this vendors sweet area.
Loved their work...

and totally drooled over some of their display pieces and ideas.
Like the perfectly shabby metal cart/carriage?
Here is the whole end display with the cart.

And how about this old rusty stove.
I have a round one just this rusty and
cannot wait to get it put into the store.

How about this idea.
Those cool white boxes are just garden boxes on their sides!
How creative is that??
(of course those metal cubbies are great too!!)

Love all the wire and rust they used for displays too.

I loved this clock in the back ground of this booth.
Hard to see it I know.
Here is the base of it....

And the top. Don't ya just love it??

And here we are.
What a fun outing we had.

I did find out at the end of our time at Monticello,
that the booth I loved was none other than our blogging friends
Annie, Fannie, and Abigale
(when you visit their blog. they only
have 1 post at a time up.
Click on older post to see more)
Monticello Blog

Now go see Kathleen at Faded Charm,
for more wonderful white delights.

blessings to all

barbara jean

White Wednesday

Odd Greenery

On an outing last week, we came across some unusual growth
on some filbert trees (or hazel nut to those who did not grow up here).
I had my sweet fella stop so I could check it out.
Thinking it could surely not be what it looked like.

But it was!!

Ferns growing right up out of the trees.
All of them!!!
I have lived here all my life and never seen anything like it.

Happy Outdoor Wednesday!!!

barbara jean


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tart Tin Tutorial

Here is a fun and easy little project.
It is a tart tin turned into a note holder or place card holder.
supplies you'll need:
tart tin (I used the tiny ones)
wire (20-24 gauge works) about 6"
awl or nail to make hole
glue gun
wire snips
and something to set tart tin on to punch hole
(I used an old paint bottle, fit perfect)

1. lay tart tin on top of bottle,
using awl or nail, punch two holes in top 1/4 to 1/2" apart.

2. cut a 6" piece of wire.
holding in one hand,
use other hand to bend wire into a circle.
(You could also just fine a 1" dowel or ? and bend it around it.)
This is the shape you should end up with.
(you could play with this and make hearts etc)

3. Push wire into top of holes in tin.
4. Turn tin over and pull wires through enough
to bend ends over about 1/2" toward each other.

then pull out from front till bent wires are flat on back.

5. Hot glue wires in place.

Turn it over and fill with whatever name, scripture,
or inspiring word you want.

These are really quick and easy and fun.

Let me see some if you do them!!

blessings on your day

barbara jean

Memories of Treasures Past

Just looking back over some of my fave projects from last year.

Have a super Monday


barbara jean