Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blue Monday

It's Blue Monday at Smilin Sally's.
Be sure to check out all the other blues,
and tell our wonderful hostess thanks!!

Sunday Blues,
A Picnic,
and a stroll in the park.

These shoes, with blue trim, were made for walkin'.

And that's just what they did.

This pair of shoes, with blue, went too.
(this is really dark blue trim,
not sure why it came out gray).
And climbing,

Smelling these beautiful,
not blue, flowers.

And then....

She laid her head on her blue backpack,

And took a rest.


This was our fun outing after church today.
My sweet fellas idea.
Sub sandwiches, fruit, cookies, and water.
"hiking" shoes, camera,
and a couple of hours of beauty and solitude

At Eugene's first city park.
Established in 1906.
Acres and acres of beatitude trails, and gardens.
Today we hiked in the Rhododendron Garden.
Done blooming now, but still peaceful and beautiful.

What a wonderful break in our usual routine.

Hope your Blue Monday is wonderful!!

Barbara Jean


Gee said...

Dear Barb.

A great way to a story telling Thanks for sharing it with us. Happy Blue Monday.

the vintage vignette said...

Barb, thanks for sharing the beauty of Eugene with us. My hubby has been itching to move up there and if the time is right we just may:)

SmilingSally said...

I loved reading your story by seeing all the good photos. Good idea! Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

bj said...

Good blue post...
Happy Blue Monday.

ClassyChassy said...

Wonderfully enjoyable post! Loved it!


Good for you!! What a beautiful place.

Mary Bergfeld said...

I so enjoyed your tour of the park. Thanks for walking us through some beautiful scenery.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Barb,
What a fun outing! Aren't blue jeans the greatest things? Thanks for sharing and have a Happy Blue Monday.


Sammy Girl said...

Hey, Barb!
We LOVE Hendricks Park so much. We miss the rhodys there as well as the roses and paths at Owen Rose Garden ..... but then there's also Mt. Pisgah and biking trails by the river and UO..... We were SO spoiled to live there. We do adore Whoville, but Eugene is a very special place.
Hugs to you and yours and have a super day!
Betty :)
ps - come visit my "educational" French-y 4th post if you haven't already .... and guess what? I am getting serious about a get R done project for Friday and then a giveaway. You have INSPIRED me!
B :)

Candy said...

What a sweet fella!Looks like something I would have liked to tag along.I'm sure the weather is more pleasant than what we are having.

Enjoy your rest,

Leaon Mary said...

Great story! You remind me of GOLDILOCKS nappin on the bench. You forgot to tell us if it was too hard, too soft, or just right* lol
Holykisses Barb,

Terry said...

Howdy Barb
Oh what a delightful Blue Monday post .
Thank you for sharing these sweet photos today.
Your fella was awful smart to think of this for Sunday afternoon.
Blessings to you both for the coming week.
Happy Trails

Anonymous said...

It's Me! Your long-lost blogging buddy peeking in! Tatting and yard sales and hiking! You've been busy!
You look like you're in great shape, girlfriend! Being as busy as you are, no doubt there's no time for sneaking treats in between all your activities! ;-) That's what I find too! Busy fingers keep me from using them to stuff treats into my mouth! There just isn't time. IS summer, after all! So a trip to the ice cream store once a week for some "cappuccino crunch" is in order!

Hugs! Diane

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking me on a stroll with you. It was fun to be in Eugene.

Kathy b

Unknown said...

Hi Barb, I enjoyed your charming story post! Love the photos. Very creative!

Thanks for sharing!


Lisa said...

Oh what a Lovely Blue Monday!!
Hugs, Lisa

Amanda said...

What a great story blue or no blue it was very sweet.