Monday, June 21, 2010

My Loot for the Weekend

Not many great finds this weekend.
Barely filled the car.
I'll take better pics as I get them out,
but for now here they are.
Those white things are two shabby peely folding patio tables.
Here is shabby black table, and a sweet clock.
(Table needs top.
I told myself awhile back I was not
buying anything else that needed fixin',
but i could not resist this.)
How about a box of jewelry for $5.00!!
This box is 8x10x6.

(see the specks of blue in these boxes?
That's my Blue Monday stuff)

And if ya' liked that,
here is another box about the same size. $5.00.
Cannot wait to go through these!
I'll show ya' when i get it sorted out. =)

Box of rusty doorknobs, brackets, hinges and so on.
Oh, and little nest i made while out walking.

Here is a sweet book I got.
Have not been able to find value of it,
but think it was written in 1890's.

I'm joining these parties today.
Thanks to our hostesses.

blessings all

barbara jean


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

ohhh my! you got some really good stuff!
love the table, and the clock, cause you can never have too many. Not a huge fan of jewelry, but very happy for you!

Unknown said...

Wow, where do you shop? What fab finds! I wanta' go with you! Beautiful book cover, but as you might guess, I love the box of 'rusty'!
Is it ever going to stop raining?

SmilingSally said...

You did a good job of thriftin', Barbara Jean.

Happy Blue Monday.

Charlene said...

Wow, you made quite a haul! I'm moving back home to Louisiana soon, so I've been trying not to buy too much (don't want to have to pack it and haul it back home) but I keep seeing things I want...

Lululiz said...

TWO big boxes full of jewellery? And for that price? Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Oh- more parties I HAVE to join!
This week I am showing my treasure by color, so please do stop and see more than one post.
You did alright for a not-great weekend. I spy potential.
John Ploughman does sound familiar, but I even like it just for the looks.

Unknown said...

How fun! Looks like you had as much fun as I had in your store! The car was about as full. Glad you had a good time!

Beatnheart said...

Lucky Finds!

Jingle said...

Happy Blue Monday!
cute post.

LV said...

You made a hall on this trip. You lucked out with all those neat things.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

You sure picked up some great stuff! I love boxes of goodies and going through them is so much fun. I spied a wonderful old door plate and knob. The big box of jewelry will be great for embellishing pretties.


Charlotte said...

That looks like my car after my yard sale adventures. Looks like you got some good deals.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Looks like quite the haul girl! Can't wait to see more details. Those boxes of jewelry will be fun to look through.

Nanna said...

great finds, we love to go antiqing too!