Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blue Monday Jewelry

Here are a few blue samplings out of
those two big boxes of jewelry finds I got a
couple of weeks ago.
Think those are diamonds in that 1 st blue earring??

Lots of mismatched earrings in those boxes.
Thinking maybe a charm bracelet would be cute.

Do I make jewelry??
but sure would like to try. =)

See the little turtle?
Here is my fun find this week.
A mannequin.
It's only plastic,
and has this kind of stretchy fabric on it.

She is for the store, and i don't know where
I will put her or what I will put on her,
so she better stay pretty neutral.

Soooo, all you gals out there who have done
mannequins up so cute,
send me some ideas on where to go from here.
Take the fabric off?
mod podge music paper to the plastic?
add lace??
Send me your links if you have one to show me,
and we'll see how she turns out.

I'm linking to the parties below.
Please go by a take a look around,
and be sure to thank our wonderful hostesses.

Have as super week!!

barbara jean


Siromade said...

Beautiful blue color jewelries, love the maniquin too but sorry don't have idea to make it cute, I'm interested to do same maniquin as you. Thanks for sharing.

LV said...

When you found your good box, you did well. All those pieces are very nice. I am sure you will find good use for all of them.

SmilingSally said...

Everyone (except me!) is making jewelry these days, Barbara Jean, so I expect you can learn to make some pretties with these nice blues.

Happy Blue Monday.

Auntie E said...

did not see the turtle. however I love the jewelry.

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

Love the bracelet idea! Now heres my idea. Scan photos of vintage women in dresses etc and then print on regular paper. When you glue them on the mannequin make sure they are like a dress that is low cut so you can show off a great piece of jewelry! and maybe a belt lace at the neckline would add depth. It would be such a fun project. Wish you lived close and I would help. Debbie

Dena E's Blog said...

Hi Barbra Jean,,,I love the lace idea,,,guess its because I am surrounded by BOYS here at our home..
That included my Hubb's at times too ;0)
Woooohoooo,, i do see the turtle,,how CUTE!!!
Happpppy BLUE Monday
Blessings and Hugs Dena

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

excellent ones!

Kathy said...

some of those remind me of what Victorian ladies would wear - their keys and essentials dangling at their waist then they became decorative.
Lovely blues - enchanting!

Anonymous said...

What great jewelry finds! I don't make jewelry... sorry, no help from me. ~Karen