Monday, April 2, 2012

Cobalt Blue Glass

 I found these little blue glass treasures.
Anyone tell me what they are for? from??
 This is all that is left of the label on this little 2 1/2" bottle.
On the bottom it just says 1/2 oz 09.
 Then there is this little jar. 1 1/2" tall.
On the bottom it says:this cup holds a heaping dessert spoonful.
hmmmm. not heaping enough fro me if it is dessert.

signing up for Blue Monday.

blessings all and have a great week.
barbara jean


SmilingSally said...

This is a good mystery, but I'm no help. Sorry.

Happy Easter!
Happy Blue Monday, Barbara Jean!

Susan said...

Barbara Jean, the top bottle looks like it was medication bottle of some sort. Your cobalt blue is very pretty. I have several cobalt pieces.

Sally J said...

The cobalt blue bottle looks like a Milk of Magnesia bottle before they went to plastic..

The blue faceted prism looks like it went on a bobeche.or a chandelier
The other cobalt blue piece looks like the inscription on the bottom says: a measuring cup ..maybe for medicine?
I love this color!! nice pieces you have there!

Unknown said...


Your bottle lid is off of a John Wyeth & Bro cobalt blue medicine bottle. It's one of at lease two different styles that they made. The other one reads "This cap holds one dose"

Sorry it's late, hope it helps :-)