Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vintage Metal Egg Shipping Crate

 Some jars I just got....
that Coca Cola 'straw holder' is short.
anyone know what it is for???
supposed to be old but does not look like it.
Other jars, very unique, galvanized lids and some have handles.
Coffee jars??  old I know. any help is appreciated.
 Just a bit of 'stuff' in the kitchen area..
and this is what I am really here to show you.....
 a circa 1920's egg shipping crate!!!
Is this amazing???
It was for shipping 2 dozen eggs.
This one is from Montana.
 inside the box is this paper..
Tells who it is shipped to,
how to pack it, how to unpack it, and other information and ads.
 and here are the little packing cups,
with the original packing papers!!
 Here are some of the aged words on the outside of the box.
 2 Dozen Eggs,
and eggs on each end of box.

I am soooo excited about this find.
and Yes, it is going in the store.....=)

thanks for coming by.

I'm joining, even though late, Knick of Time Tuesday 


Angie @ Knick of Time said...

I am totally envious of that find - it is wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing it at Knick of Time Tuesday!

Lululiz said...

The egg shipping crate is fabulous, I love the interior with the individual little nests for the eggs.

Gaby Bee said...

fantastic pieces... makes me want to go and dive in into flea market right away:)