Monday, October 14, 2013

Bees Nest

Walked around the side of the house today, and saw this....

a bunch of bees, Yellow jackets, making a hive in the ground....
was so interesting,
but I thought, these do not look like regular Yellow jackets.
So, I snapped these pics with my little camera, and putting on here so I can see them better.
Wondering if they are the 'new' bee I have been hearing about.

any feedback on that?

be blessed


Rebecca said...

I haven't heard anything about a new strain of bees or hornets. Those look a little scary...
Hope all is well, blessings today

Jennifer said...

oh my, not a comforting fact that they are wanting to stay around your place. As for being the new ones, I have no idea.

Elizabeth Johnson said...

Its hard to tell and I am certainly no bee expert. But these look a lot like the hornets that live in our yard. Are they pretty good sized? They nest in the ground. They aren't friendly guys! Give them a wide berth.