Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's a Blue, Junkin', Made it for Monday

Blue Monday

Bar stool I painted for the store

Love this guy.
He looks good on anything. =0)

Our little birthday girl.
1 year old Rowan.
(figured i could sneak this in since her plate was blue)

My Mom and Dad at Rowan's party.
Blue shirt, blue chair.

Make it for Monday

another Joy ornament
having fun with these

And another Rejoice.
Added a bird to this one.

Here is the ornament I made for our 15 year old granddaughter.
Seems like Angel wings to me.
(it's on a lace flower. hard to see)

Junkin' Monday


Here are my Junkin' finds:

two clocks.

This top ones seems to be running a bit off, like myself. =0)
(I mean it is running fast, and so am I)

That's all. Short and sweet today.

Christmas Blessings, Peace and Joy to you and your loved ones.

barbara jean


Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello sweet friend...

Girl, you are sooo creative and talented!!! I just love your snowman stool that you painted...he's adorable!!! Love all the pretty music paper ornaments that you're making too...sooo pretty! Barb, your granddaughter is going to love her pretty ornament! You know, it looks like a beautiful angel to me too!!! You always have sooo many pretties...thank you for sharing them with us...what a treat!!!

Ohh you are very busy this time of the year with your store! Bet you're looking forward to Christmas actually getting here and having a little time off!

Warmest wishes and Christmas blessings to you and your lovely family, Barb!

Chari @Happy To Design

Chubskulit Rose said...

i like the design you painted on the stool.

My Blue Monday, Merry Christmas!

EJ said...

You're daughter is so adorable.

Blue Monday with our new eye candy, happy holidays!

bj said...

G'morning, Barbara Jean...
I love all the Christmas you are showing...your mom and dad are both precious.
Have a wonderful Blue Monday..
xo bj

gengen said...

I like your stool looks great, the b-day celebrant is cute and your parents are cool. Happy blue Monday.

SmilingSally said...

I enjoyed your sweet birthday girl's picture, Barbara Jean and all the blue shots. Your ornaments are so thoughtful too--full of Christmas spirit. Happy Blue Monday and Merry Christmas!

storyteller said...

Your stool is so cute and Rowan is adorable. How lucky you are to have your parents still in your life! Happy Blue Monday and Merry Christmas to you and yours ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
My Blue Monday

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Love the ornaments and stool. The clocks are so pretty and so is the angel and blue plate. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!
Hugs, Pat

GwendolynKay said...

Love the clocks.. very charming. what a sweet little girl. Great ornaments you made (tags) Blessings!

xinex said...

Your painted stool is very pretty, Barbara Jean, but your granddaughter and parents are precious, love all the accessories. Hope you and your family have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!...Christine

Glo said...

Nice blues and I love the stool you painted!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Many Blessings at Christmas, from my mountain top to your home….Hugs and Smiles Gl♥ria

Kim, USA said...

Nice nice blue stuff...but I see a cutie kid and an awesome couple. Thanks for sharing...

Nativity scene

JLS Hall (Joysweb) said...

Love the ornaments you've made - especially the "Joy" one!

Happy Blue Monday and Happy Holidays!

cindy said...

You painted that adorable snowman??? He's awesome! And Rowan is precious :)

I love the ornaments too...I need to raid my mom's old piano music and start playing...with glue *grin*

I redid a clock I got on clearance, and I'm so proud of it....but it runs slow. Ah well, still looks good!

Thanks for joining the party~

joyh82 said...

Wow, you make some very precious things. I love the stool and the
ornaments! Have a very Merry Christmas!

Tootsie said...

Merry Christmas to you my friend and a very happy new year

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog, Barbara Jean! The clocks are very charming and the ornaments are lovely!

I wish you a Merry Christmas!