Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Junkin' - A Bowl of Buckles

Logo-sm-sharp This is my first 30 days of Junkin', hosted by Auction Girl Vintage

This is an opportunity to learn about others shopping tips, great finds, and see how some of our 'Junk', (or i mean Treasures) =0), are used.

I stopped by what was supposed to be a garage sale, but ended up being a little junk store.
I went in anyway even though junk/second hand stores, are usually our of my price range! =0)
(they have to pay overhead, and make money, garage sales are just cleaning out.)
So, this is the bowl of buckles I found there.
There were bunches (should have counted them) as this was about a 7" bowl brimming over with them!
Now, I have no idea what i will do with these, just thought they were really neat.
I have seen lots of collages on the Internet, that i thought were wonderful, and certainly do have intentions of doing some at some point. So, i collect, this, that, or whatever catches my eye. =0)
Aren't they great? (OK, if you don't think they are great just don't tell me.) =0)
I love the heart ones, and the very small ones the best.
I'm thinking ribbon through them, or maybe some burlap through some and put them with my bird nests somehow. Feel creative? Feel free to send me some ides, and i may actually get something made up one of these days.

I guess my tip would be: Never pass up a sale, even if it is in a junk store. =0)

Blog and junkin' Blessings,

Barbara Jean


Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you! I'm so glad you visited my 30 Days of Junkin' series and added a post. FYI, I moved your link to Thursday's "Day 9" post, so it wouldn't get lost due to the fact that I often post so late in the evening (uh, it's 1 a.m. and I just got the Wednesday AND Thursday posts up ... whew!).

Eugene's a gorgeous town. My youngest son's girlfriend is at university there, and hubster and I drove down from Vancouver WA last summer to attend a concert at the amphitheatre (we were vacationing in WA).

Love the buckles, so many things you could do with them. If I was still teaching kindergarten, I'd take them into the classroom for counting and sorting ... little kids love shiny things :o)

30 Days of Junkin' in April

ClassyChassy said...

What in the world will you decide to do with all of these! Please let us know!!! Cool!

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

I would have a hard time passing that up too! I love them! The idea of ribbon through them sounds nice. I think I've been to Eugene before. Thanks for sharing your treasure!