Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Frugal Spring Trim, New Nests, & Crafting Tip

Sweet Spring ribbons made of torn fabric strips, and a 'Spring' stamp.
How easy is that?

Fun to enclose in a card or gift,
or just sit around and look cute and cheery.
I had a great time getting some creating done this week.

One of a kind nest in glass lantern.
Sitting on shredded paper and little pieces of mossy limbs.
Real feathers in the nest,
and a little pearl trims the lantern.
A perfect finish.

Display it open or closed.

Another new nest.
This one is in a coin purse.
Took me forever to find one, but I love it!
(anyone have some they want to get rid of??)

Sweet little tag, and the egg is painted to match the colors in the purse.

New mini box.

And more.

More mini boxes with my teabag roses.
(limited number now for sale, if interested email me.)

Like the pearl added?

Here is my tip for doing it.
I use hot glue.
They are tiny to hold on to, and maybe no tweezers or pliers around?
Try putting the pearl on a small piece of wire.
Can be a pin, needle, or even paper clip if hole is big enough.
Keep it at the end of the sire.
Dab the hot glue on, or whatever glue you use,
and drop it onto the project.
No glue gun burns, or messy fingers.

Totally Frugal!

Even my Granddaughter has learned to be thrifty.
While we were cleaning, she thought this feather duster
needed to be thrown away,
and then she said,
"Unless you want to us it to feather one of your nests!!"
Is that great or what?
(Hope she does not see this picture of herself.
I made her laugh. Not her best pic ever). =)

Thanks for joining in on all these special events today.
Please go check out the other lovely posts,
and many things to our great hostesses.


barbara jean


Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Gorgeous ideas Barbara Jean!
Love the Spring ribbon and that very sute little bird stamp and I've decided one can never have too many birds nests...hubby may not agree!

Charity said...

You always amaze me, every time you put something new up, I think I can't like it as much as the last, but then I do. those nest today are so precious. I hope you are having a beautiful spring day.

Cha Cha

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Barbara Jean! St. Patrick's Day may be over, but I still love to see all the greens for Spring! Love your little green bunny with all the trims! ~tina

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Barbara Jean ~ I love love the little nest in the coin purse ~ oh my goodness !!

Claudia said...

I always enjoy seeing what you create! Thanks for the tip - what a good idea!


Jane B. said...

Wow...your nests and mini treasure boxes are adorable! I've got to get me some nests around here, lol! Thanks for linkin' up to Frugalicious Friday!

Shannon said...

Love the nest! Thanks for linking up for the Bring In The Spring Party. All the best!

Lululiz said...

How do you manage to tear your fabric ribbons so evenly? I dread to think what mine would look like, lol.
Love the new nests, very imaginative.

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful. You are very talented. If I come across any change purses I will contact you. I am here via Blessed Nest but will be returning. I will also be visiting your online shop.


nest of posies said...

look at this post! there's so much to enjoy!

love that gingham SPRING ribbon.
and that nest in that purse is the cutest idea! and those itty bitty boxes - oh my! are the matchbooks? so detailed in everyway!

thank you for coming & linking to the spring fling party! it was a pleasure having you.


Heather said...

my fav is the birds nest in the change purse

Threeundertwo said...

My mother in law has a front porch light that always has a nest in it! It looks so much like your sweet lantern nest (without the pearls!).

I love your nests and the cheerful ribbon is wonderful. Thanks so much for linking up to Finished for Friday!