Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Few Fun Finds & Computer Woes =(

More Fun Finds.
A sweet little tin box, with " French" couple on it.
(it is in my French area of the new room,
so they must be French.) =)

A sweet little candy tin from Canada.

Amber crystals.

A 'new' spice set.

Complete with holder and little drawers.
And a new clock.

And here is what it says on bottom.

That is all for today....
and maybe a couple of days.
Been having problems with my computer.....
cannot load new pics.....
posts may be sparse for a few days.

Blessings to all
barbara jean


Tete said...

Love your new finds and hope your computer woes go away and you can get your photos up.
Hugs- Tete

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

Your little tin box on top is a powder box. I collect them and most have a music box in them too. They usually depict a couple like yours. I had the spice set complete with shelf unit and gave it to a friend who just loved it and "had to have it" and found she dropped it off at the Goodwill store a few months later. I really liked it too and wish she would have offered it back to me. Oh well, something less to clean I guess.
Great finds!

She Uses Her Words said...

What a great spice set and love the black clock! And I'm with you, if the tin with the couple on it is in the French section...they must be French!
Have a great day, xo, Karen

Ido said...

Gorgeous finds! a blogging girl cannot be without a computer, hopefully is nothing serious.

Ann said...

Your tins are so neat, I love anything French. I say the couple is french for sure.
Have a great week.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

More wonderful treasures! I especially like that "French" box and the little clock.
I could get an ulcer just thinking about computer problems. Hope you get yours solved soon.

Lululiz said...

Love the amber crystals, they are gorgeous.

Vicki said...

Loving your finds, especially the amber crystals. Hope the computer woes end soon! said...

Hello Barbara Jean:) You really did find some great things. That little tin box is adorable. Do you have plans for the crystals? Very pretty:) Have a wonderful week.
~Debra xxx
capers of the vintage vixens

Shopgirl said...

I like everything, but most of all I love the amber crystals. I am searching for clear crystals, not easy to find here in Idaho.
Happy are so good at it!! Hugs, mary