Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun Friday Finds

Seems all I do is gather these days.
Ain't if great?!!
I've ended up with a little collection of spool holders now.
And a few weeks ago I saw a pair of wooden shoe forms on another blog.
I was green with envy since I had only found them in 'ones'.
Well, guess what? I found a pair!!

This is what it says on that part that sticks up.

Then I found this. Love it!
All rusty, and

pitty, and

funnelly. Is that a word? Is it spelled right?

And of course brought home this tin box.

You know how I love tins
especially if they have things in them!

and this one is full of old slides!
Family vacations? School pics??
We'll find out soon.

Thanks for coming by to see my treasures.

barbara jean
I'm joining these parties today.


Stina said...

wat fijn dat je van die leuke schoenmallen gevonden heb, wat een leuks allemaal.

fijne dag

gr Stina

bj said...

Love your finds...I, too, found a pair of wooden shoe thingies. I now have a little collection going so a new post is in order. :))
xoxo bj

Linda said...

Neat treasures. I used to have shoe forms that were my dads. I think they went in a yard sale when we were moving.your new follower.

Tee said...

Love all the treasures you find. My BF owns an antique shop. I share your blog with her and she's often green with envy.
Wanted to tell you that I'm very proud of you for picking up the slides. That's how the awesome Vivian Maier was discoverd. Check her out sometime. vivianmaier . blogspot . com

Rebecca Nelson said...

Oh my your fabulous finds. I'm going treasure hunting tomorrow. I hope I'm as 'lucky'. :)

Love to you~


Ido said...

Love your treasures, I usually go on Mondays to find some treasures and I always bring something home, I'm addicted now, can't stop doing it.
Have a fantastic weekend!

Laurel@ChippingwithCharm said...

So many fun finds...I have a few of those shoe forms too, none with the cool print on them though...lucky you :) Chat soon, Laurel

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Ooh, I just love wooden spools and shoe forms! Great finds! Have a joyful day! Twyla

Char said...

I always thought as I got older, I would be getting rid of things and slowing down on my gathering. It isn't so, I gather more now than ever.
It's fun and interesting too just to see what you can come across and then to do something special with it all.
You found some very fun things and I am looking forward to seeing what you do with them, Char

She Uses Her Words said...

Hi Barb,
I love your spool forms. What a great find! They're lovely. Didn't get to treasure hunt this week but am going out next weekend!
xoxo, Karen