Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pinterest Interest

This is not any kind of special message to you about how I am doing....
It is just a picture of cuteness to start my Pinterest Interest Post.

I signed up a couple of weeks ago, or so, and
I am noticing some interesting things.
The main thing right now is, I guess,
going to my home page (I guess that is what you call it) 
and seeing my things pinned,
over and over and over.

Now, I am quite taken by the fact that people would want to pin my things.
Actually makes my heart pound with joy....

What I guess is bothering me is, on that certain page,
it shows my treasures over and over and over again.
Every time someone pins one of my pics, or a pic
I have pinned, it shows up on that page.

 I have noticed this on others pages too,
there are some of the same pics repeated..over and over.
Seems to me a lot of wasted time and space to repeat like that.
Just sayin'.

That said, I am absolutely LOVING Pinterest!!
I am using it to gather up my hand created treasures in one place,
so I can easily reference them without hunting my blog for them.

And I do appreciate those who have kept my info
on their pins of my creations. Thank you!!!

Sharing the love on Pinterest.

barbara jean

PS I have seen several differnt bloggers do posts about Pinterest,
which I have found very helpful.
Thanks to all.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Glad you like it! Yes when we all pin the same thing it is over and over but that just means we all like the same things! I do think it is easy to keep up with things and LOVE that all pins go back to the place of origin so you can see where to find these lovely things, AND those who should get proper credit!
Hugs, Lisa