Saturday, February 28, 2009


Mimi, from my family attic came by to check out my bird nest tutorial, and couldn't find it.
I figured she just didn't go far enough back (it was in January) so I went to see exactly where it is, AND IT IS GONE!!!! It is just nowhere to be found. I did not deleter it (haven't deleted any of my posts.) The one right before it telling i did it is there, but no tutorial! It ws on tow posts, and they are both gone.

Can you tell i am just sick about this??
I have my original notes, but i really changed things as i went so it would be the easiest to understand i could get it. Any of you who were with me then know it took me 3 hours to get it on there!!

Well, it certainly won't take me as long this time, as i have a learned a lot since then. And i have actually even simplified the making of the nests even more now. So, I will work at getting it all back together and do it again. For you all, and for me.

My concern: How did this happen? Has it happened before and i haven't noticed? And most importantly, how can i keep it from happening again???

OK, my computer wizard friends, HELP!!!!

Thank you, and blessings on your Sunday.

Hey, tomorrow morning i get to draw the winning names for the Barb's Treasures giveaway!!!

Midnight tonight is the deadline.

Barbara Jean

PS Don't worry, after i fume for awhile and rehash this several times, i will be OK. It is, after all, just words on paper. =0))

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