Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Creations

This is one of the new bird nests I made.
I put it in a frame with an old music page as the back ground.
I love this frame color!! (Mixed it and figured it out as there were no colors exactly like i wanted.)

Question: I can't decide whether to put something in the space at the upper right of the picture.
Maybe some buttons, or ?.
It just seems a little empty, but then I'm not a 'fill every inch of space" person either.
Oh, Oh! I know! How about a little piece of jewelry??? Worked well on my cones.

This is the back of my latest bird nest box. (remember the lavender jewelry box in my finds acouple of weeks agao? This is it.)
I made it like the one I had in the giveaway on this blog a couple of weeks ago.
I loved it so much, I decided to make another one, and put it in the store.
Not sure why i don't just keep it. Want someone else to be able to enjoy the labor of love i guess. =0))

This is the front of the box. Oh rats! I cut off it's bottom. Well, you can kind of see the bottom of the box in the pic before this. I loved how it was scrolly across the bottom.

I could not find the right medallion for the front of the box, so I used a piece of white trim.
I glued it on, then scruffed brown over it with a stencil brush, then gold. Then I dry brushed some gold here and there on the box, and even a bit on the eggs, to pull it all together.
You know, you just have to play with things until it is what you want. (thought about making it a darker color, but this is what i decided on.)

I am having so much fun with all my bird nests, and love using an old sweater i found and tore apart, and the cheese cloth, to trim them up, and fill their nests.

If anyone wants to know more detail about how I do all this I am glad to share. Just let me know.

I will have more pics tomorrow, or Monday, of the newest unique piece I did. I love putting the nests in unusual pieces, where people would not expect to see them. (you know, those birds will just a build a nest anywhere!!). =0)

Many thanks to Dawn at the feathered nest, for sharing all the wonderful ideas. I love the music paper as backgrounds. (I have another project coming up using it too.)

And, Thanks to Diane at Diane Knott's Musings, for all her help and encouragement every day.

These ladies both do the most beautiful work. Please drop by and see them.

OK, it's just past midnight. My other blog giveaway is officially closed.
I will have my granddaughters pick 2 numbers when they come for lunch tomorrow.

Barbara Jean


Anonymous said...

I love the presentation of your nest with music paper.Poetic idea.
Now, in my garden, birds are doing real nests (perhaps with the threads that I throw by the window..;)
Barb, I shall answer to your email today....i am always in late. thanks for your patience!

The Painted Nest said...

Hi Sweet Barbara, I love this nest!!!!But you know me, their just isn't anything that makes me smile more than a sweet little birds nest with eggs!!!!You do such beautiful work!!!I love every one you make!!Blessings, Deborah

Judy Morphis said...

I love the framed nest and I love the box!!! Both are beautiful! I like the picture--as is.

Valerianas Studio said...

Just love the way you did this, it looks so beautiful!