Friday, February 27, 2009

Thrift Store Finds

Did a little thrifting yesterday and found these few things.
I love wood pedestals! They are so versatile.
Perfect for display, bird nests, to put a cloche on......
The wire basket on the top will be a versatile piece also. You can display doilies, put a bird nest in it, Put moss and twig balls in it.... or anything you want.

Reminds me of a garage sale i went to. I asked what a particular thing was used for, and the guy sitting there (smarty guy) said "you can use it for whatever you want". I guess you know now i just say 'I know I can use that for whatever I want, but what was it originally meant to be used for?" The guy was just giving me a hard time, and i gave him a hard time back. That's one of the things i love about garage sales, you can just go and have fun, even if you don't find anything.
OK, back to the pics. The black metal piece sitting on the pedestal, (not a good pic I know), is to put a bird nest in.
(do you hear me saying bird nests a lot??) I'm lovin' them and having so much fun.

OK, the music books. Aren't they great? I had a hard time controlling myslef when i found those. I see all the stuff other bloggers are buying and using for their projects, and selling the books themselves, I had a hard time not buying more.
They are 1" think, and about 11x15", and they were only $2.50 each!! They are very old, but no smell and harldy worn except the edges. I had all 6 in my cart at first, then went back and put some back, and then decided to only get two, and some little ones not in pic. Just don't know how much luck i would have selling them.
A heavy duty glass dome, the size for a cheese plate, but i just use them on those wonderful pedestals.
Another pedestal, a candle stick, a pot, silver dish, ivy metal piece (probably the backdrop for another nest) =0), a new white wire rack for card display (I make my own cards, and have ladies who make them for the store), and, two little Easter treats. Whew!! For not much stuff i sure did a lot of talking. =0))

Barbara Jean

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