Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Paper Sachet Tutorial

Last year I purchased paper sachets for the store.
(not the one pictured above)
When someone came in to get more this year, I was out,
and had not reordered.
She wanted them as a 'gift' to put at everyone's
place at a luncheon. Great idea huh??

So, I decided to make her some.
Here are the instructions I figured out as I went.
(apologies for background colors. I was in a hurry)

1. Find a print you like for your sachet.

These can be found a loAlign Centert of places on the internet.

FREE!! Check my side bar for a few places.

I found this one at

Marie's Freebies

2. Getting ready to print:

I copy picture into word where I can adjust size to what I want.

Make sure they are positioned with a bit of room on

each side for the ‘flaps’ to be cut out, with most of the room on bottom half of page.

(I usually do one on just plain paper to try it out first)

Now print them out.

3. Make a *pattern (as shown), and cut out.

(I made the pattern by drawing about 1/2" around sides and top.

This makes the flaps. Leave a longer section for the bottom to fold up to reach bottom side of top flap. Clear??

The hole in the middle is the size of your picture. I cut out the practice picture, centered it on the top part and drew around it. Then cut the hole out. It helps line it up.

Round corners as shown. To do this evenly I fold the pattern then cut.

Make note: the very bottom of the flap is slightly narrower than the top part of the flap.

that way it is smaller than main part to allow for smooth fit when glued.

4. Trace onto the paper with the picture for your sachet, and cut out.

5. Fold bottom flap up and crease, then fold the side flaps and crease.

6 Gluing: Use glue stick to put glue side pieces making sure to get glue all the way to outside edge. Press onto back and rub together till firmly glued.

7. Fill 1/3 to ½ with lavender.

Glue top flap over back piece, again making sure it adheres firmly.

Add any trim, sparkles etc you would like.

(I will add little sparkles to the Christmas tree trim. You could also add a little lace, or a bow, or button)

And there you have it- your own ‘line’ of sachets.

(this sachet is about 3 x 4 1/2") & I used about 1 Tbsp. of lavender)

OK. There you have it. Once you have your pattern, they are pretty quick to do and make nice little gifts or even package tags.


barbara jean

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The Feathered Nest said...

These are WONDERFUL Barbara Jean!!!! I just love little touches like beautiful ~ I hope you are feeling good and things are going so good for you and your family sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

Sonya Badgley said...

Thanks for the great tute, Barb!

Rebecca said...

These are neat-I hope my friend Tete sees this-she's love them!

Vicki said...

Hi, Barbara Jean! How are you? I love these paper sachets. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Great project!

Unknown said...

Hi Barbara, thanks for the tutorial and the little shop site listed too on this post . hugs Julie


Love your paper sachets! Thanks for sharing your idea with us!
deb :)

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh this is precious, Barbara!!! I know they are alot of work, but wouldn't they be cute on your counter for people to put in Christmas stockings too?

I hope you're having a beautiful holiday season!!!

sweet violets said...

You are amazing!!! and here I thought I was all done crafting for Christmas....this will keep me busy tomorrow!!! Great idea....hugs, cleo

Miss Gracie's House said...

Very cute! THANKS for sharing!
blessings to you as you celebrate this joyous season!

Biljana said...

Wonderful, I love it:)
Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend. Hugs, Biljana


You are so creative and talented! These are fabulous. Thanks so much for always sharing your tutorials.
Love these!
Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
~ Julie

Debra@CommonGround said...

What a great idea, Barb. Thanks so much for the instructions, they're really beautiful! Thanks for linking up to VIF!
big hugs,

Anonymous said...

Barb, this is a wonderful, simple, elegant and inexpensive way to give a gift to someone!
Hugs, Diane

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing..
Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Sandy said...

Wonderful fragrant idea to scent a special gift! Happy Holidays!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

These are so fun, Barb! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

This is adorable! I love this idea as little gifts-how sweet! Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing at my party!

Faye said...

I love this...I'll have to try it. I've been collecting old postcards and this would be a great way to use them...of course I'll scan and print them out. Thank you so much for showing how.