Monday, September 27, 2010

And the Answer is.....

Gem Iron
In my previous post I asked about this unique pan
I found last weekend.
I had many guesses that it was a baking pan, and you were all correct.

Then I got notes from people from New Zealand,
(thank you Loui, and Judith)
and they shared the details of what it is.
Gem Iron. Used to make Gem Cakes.
They are still being used, although very rarely.

Then I was in touch with Mercedes,
who has the blog Liberty Biberty,
and she sent me to their equivalent of Ebay.
Used and new ones are $16 - $35.
Vintage (which is what they think mine is)
are going for $65 and $70!!

WHEW!! Guess I found a treasure all right.
Already have someone who wants to buy it,
but even with my much more reasonable prices
they may change their mind.

Many thanks to those who sent info to me.

Oh, in regard to Liberty Biberty,
I encourage you to go see her blog.
She has done up some cuuute miniatures.
(like putting a scene in a 4" birdcage)!
You just won't believe them.
Please go take a look.

blessings all

barbara jean

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Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Glad to have been able to help you Barbara Jean!
I love seeing all the fabulous treasures you find. Thanks for the link!

Patti's Artful Design said...

In all my thrift sales and estate sales, I have never seen one of these. Thank you for sharing the information....interesting!