Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Newest Finds

Some new Garden Finds.
Above pic is an old potters wheel.
Wouldn't it make a cute plant stand?

And how about a HUGE crock.
What do they use these for anyway?

Cannot wait to show you the treasures from this gallon jar of jewelry.

And my favorite this week?
A rusty old Franklin Stove.
(glad it is the lightweight one this time.) =)

Have some Fun Fall Crow Treasures coming soon.
OK. Now let's all go over to
Thrifty Thursday
and see what they have.


barbara jean


Anonymous said...

Barbara, what's more fun for you? Finding the treasures or fixing them up and selling them?! Hard to choose? :-) I'd go "junking" with you any day of the week!

She Uses Her Words said...

A gallon jar of jewerly?!! I can hardly breathe at the thought of it. The ultimate fun you lucky girl! Have a sweet day!