Thursday, October 14, 2010

Flower Nest Tutorial

This is my flower nest.

Supplies needed:
music paper
*small nest
glue stick and glue gun
cheesecloth or lace
plastic egg
feathers or other nesting materials

This is the pattern for the flower.
(I do not know how to make this usable for you,
but maybe click to enlarge and copy into word.
Then make size to 5-6".)
Then you can either cut out the pattern
and trace it onto music paper, or just put the pattern into
the copier and use music paper to print it on.
I think I originally saw this idea at Diane Knott's Musings.
(she has a great blog so I hope you will go visit.)

When you have cut it out it should look like this.
(if you want your paper more aged looking go HERE)
(still do not know how to fix sideways pics) =/

Next you need to fold on the dotted lines
(see pattern)
which is between each petal.
You want to fold towards the inside of the flower.

Can you see the folds?
Now overlap the petal over the little odd piece and glue
with glue stick. Hold a minute.
(extra piece should be on back side,
but no big deal if it is on the inside as nest will hide it.)

Did you hold it a minute? =)

Now to curl the petals.
Use a pencil, dowel, or pen.
(Very difficult with one hand while other took picutre, but I did it!!)
Place pencil on edge of petal and hold paper around it.
Roll down till you come to the "V" of the petals.
And, hold it a minute. =)
(this can be redone later if it does not stay curled)

Here it is curled.

O the fun now!!
Add some cheesecloth or lace to part of the flower.
Use the glue gun on next few steps.

Add your nest.
(instructions for nest HERE)LinkAdd cheesecloth strings, feathers, or any other
materials you have to make a nice soft place for
the plastic egg you will glue in.
After egg is glued in you can add more nesting as needed.

OK. How did you do??
If you make a nest please let me show all my friends.
And be sure to email me if you have questions.

I'm joining these special parties.
Hope you will go look around too.


barbara jean


Dorthe said...

Hi dear,
your nest is adorable, and so sweet of you to give this tutorial, about how to make it, to all of us.
Happy week-end.
XO Dorthe

Kristi Flanagan said...

Just beautiful! Love it - love all your work! Thanks so much for plant your creative seeds at Punkin Seed Productions. Are you having some beautiful weather in Eugene?


Punkin Seed Productions

Miss Hillbilly said...

I want to make a few of these with my daughter. Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

how cute is this?! love the sheet music with the twiggy nest! thanks for sharing :)

Rose M. Rodriguez said...

Hi Barbara, I love your work especially when they are nesting! You are so cute with cheese cloths, thanks for sharing what you have received by grace, your talent! Rose Marie blessings

Unknown said...

Really cute, I will have to put this one away for a winter project!

Lululiz said...

Great tutorial, the little flower nest is so charming!

Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

I am so in to paper projects right now!!! Love this...thanks for the wonderful tutorial!

Haverford House said...

Your flower nest is beautiful! Great tutorial - I can't wait to try making one. Thanks for sharing! ~Marcy

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi Barbara Jean- This is soooo incredibly sweet!! I absolutely love it! Thanks for joining Feathered Nest Friday and sharing this delightful little flower nest! :)

Anonymous said...

Love it! So so pretty, will be trying out this project for myself, thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

What a sweet little nest-so clever and inspiring-I'm always on the hunt for sweet thing that go with birdies!- Love your blog-now a follower-stop over at mine!

Vicki said...

Hi, Barbara Jean. I love this little tutorial! I need to make a few little thank you gifts and this is so much better than a card! I love that it is a project I can do very quickly too. Thanks for sharing and for visiting me today. Your comments were so sweet. I do love my new bloggy friends. Take care.

Wanda said...

Dear Barbara:

Your flower nest is AMAZING!!! It will be perfect to use for the thanksgiving table as place cards. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial.
best regards,

Ewa said...

what a great tutorial :)

Thespa McLaughlin said...

What a beautiful creation and fabulous tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

Faye Henry said...

Oh, I just love the next.. Thank you so much for sharing....

Marie De Marco said...

thank you for sharing this sweet tutorial! i'm going to be giving it a try. i find myself moving towards smaller projects. i tend to take on things that don't fit on my table top. thanks.

Faye said...

Hi Barbara Jean,

I've got to make one! Thank's for showing us how!


Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Seriously sweet and clever and on my list of book page projects now instead of music. So stinkin' cute, you smart lady.

Kim said...

hi there Barbara, I'm visiting from Vicki's Rusty Rooster Vintage! Love your flower nest tutorial, I love and collect bird things, just became your newest follower!:)

Threeundertwo said...

Just lovely! I really like crafts with bits of sheet music. Thanks for joining in on Finished for Friday.

Jennifer Leigh said...

Oh my goodness!!! It's so adorable!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh my gosh! that is the sweetest little thing!

Larri said...

Fabulous! I am thrilled to find you through Coastal Charm's NTT linky party! I've had this idea of nests for Christmas ornaments this year, but just couldn't figure out the process. Thanks so much for sharing! I can't wait to get started. Happy Thrifting! :o) Larri at Seams Inspired

Melissa said...

Very pretty. I like how it turned out. Could you copy the template and make it into a pdf for your readers?

Lynne Moncrieff said...

Such an adorable nest. Lynne M

Unknown said...

This is absolutely beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I love anything with a bird theme. Very, very pretty! I like how yours is unusual with the flower and sheet music.

. said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! :)

Rose :: said...

just letting you know, Barbara, you're featured this week! congrads!

yes, do submit some new tute ideas. if they are anything as good as this lovely flower nest, you're more than welcome, each wednesday!

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Fabulous! Going to put this in my "to do" for spring.

Rose :: said...

Hi Barbara

Thanks for contributing your flower nest to our DIY craft tutorial linky party.

I made a change to the original code and hope it now works better for everyone.

Hope to see you again this coming Wednesday with some new ideas & turorial, okay?!

Till then,

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

This is so sweet, I l ove it and want to make some to nestle into the Christmas tree. Thanks so much for sharing!

Barbara Jean said...

Rose @ Fine Craft Guild:
Apologies that link was not correct. Thanks for fixing it.
(would have mailed you but could not find a way to contact on your site)

Hope the other links I posted it worked. I usually check it.


barb said...

Precious! I love anything with sheet music!

Kelli@ReStore said...

Barbara Jean,Thank you so much for this cute idea!! I have been pairing birds with sheet music on wreaths in my shop! I am about to post one on my blog tonight. This would be perfect to go in my trees to match the wreaths! Thanks again for the great idea!

Balbina said...

Great idea and execution

Minna Perälä said...

Thank you Barb! Your flowernest is so b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!! You are so inspiring and generous person:-)

Have a great week!

Hugs, Minnamarika

Agnes said...

Love it and made it on my own way.

Barbara Jean said...

I would love to see it.
Went to your blog.
Can you put pics on there??


barbara jean

Agnes said...

Oh dear...i tried to make a blog, but i stopped.Its all in the English language and i donot know how to add a picture on it.
But i have my own Hyves, may be that is possible for you too?

Agnes said...

I just tried to make a blog.
Excuse me, it is not as good as the other blogs,but the picture is on it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Barbara Jean,

I love it!!

I made the flower with te nest!!

You can see it on my blog........

Of course I made a link to Your blog!

Love from Holland,Thea♥

Crea by Thea

Felix y Raquel said...

!!!Barbara que maravilla!!!! voy a intentar hacerlo yo a ver que tal me sale.
Muchísimas gracias por el tutorial, muchos besos para tí y para tu hermosa familia


The Cranky Queen said...

B.J> Luv the nest and I so appreciate the tutorials. I am going to try making some of these little nests really soon. Add that to my long lists of "crafts to make". Love your blog. I am a new blogger. You can find my at Thanx for any comments so I wont be so crazy lol. tiff

Linda said...

Hello, I'm Linda from Nothin But Country Living. I found you while visiting Primitive Lace.
Great craft idea....I have several little hummingbird nests we found around the property.

Come and visit anytime and..... Thanks for sharing.

paperbird said...

i love your nest- it is so sweet. thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You know i dont usual comment, but i genuinely like your blog and i thought i would introduce myself. I have been reading it for awhile but this is my initial comment.