Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lace Flower Tutorial Follow Up

I posted a Lace Flower Tutorial earlier this week. Go HERE

today I'm sharing some ways to finish your Flowers, and some ideas from the comments.

ways to use and finish your flowers:
sew pin back to back of flower.
can be used as a pin, or attach to your bag, or hat.
No, it's not a cool purse, but you get the idea!
Another option: glue on pin back, then put bobby pin through it,
can be used as a hair clip or pin.

(what do you think of the darker pin for the flower center?)

another idea:
sew a ribbon or seam binding on back for tying to a tree or package.
And other ideas?

And look at these great ideas from my visitors:
Blogger The English Romantic said...
I'll be making some of these for my tree, thank you for the tutorial, you make it look easy.
I have loads of samples of Italian lace curtains now I am off to cut them up!! Angela.
Thanks Angela! Great idea! I have tons of old curtains, too!
Deletesweet violets said...
Great idea...gonna give it a try.....instead of burning the edges of the fabric, try cutting it with decorative scissors for paper crafts....and then use ink from the ink pads and stain the edges.....I like to use the sepia ink. happy crafting, cleo...
Thanks Cleo. Great idea for finishing edges. I knew mine needed a little 'something'.

So here is what I did:
After I cut my flower out, but before unfolding,
I dipped them in a bowl with instant tea in it.
(Just pretend there is tea. I forgot to take pic.) =)
New way: make flower, then before adding center, dip whole flower in tea mix. 
Set them on plastic to dry. Right side up, and upside down do two different things.Play with it and you will see. =)

I held onto the straight end, and dipped the rounded end in the tea.
I let it soak up a bit, then shook it out in the sink and laid it to dry.
This is what they looked like when dry.
Then I went ahead and did my flower as usual.

Here is a pic of the two different kinds. The stained one is on the left.
and this is a pic of some of the ones I did on vacation.

Since I'm doing bunches of these for the shop, and gathering for a class,
I am off to find more nice pins or buttons for centers.
Anyone know where I can get some, cheap??

Amazing how you cannot have enough of something that you did not know what you were going to do with when you got it!

Thanks for coming by.


Barbara jean


Rebecca Nelson said...

Oh my gosh! Girlfriend how doooooo YOU DO IT? I've never seen anyone with more gitty-up than you! :)

OK...maybe my grandma at 91 but she was totally unusal! :)

You inspire me always. What a joy to visit!

I'm always here even if I don't comment! Sometimes I JUST MUST though! :)


Angela Richardson said...

Hi Barbara Jean,
I love the tea stained flower, it looks shabby and aged.
Thanks again for the tutorial.
Good idea to cut the edges with decorative scissors.
Hugs, Angela.

kate said...

i love this! thanks for the tutorial!

sweet violets said...

When you find those cheap buttons and pins, please let me know!!! YOu are so your comment about not having enough of what you didn't know you were going to do with!!! hugs...cleo

Robin said...

Adorable Barbara Jean! I try asking local thrift stores what they do with broken jewelry and see if I can buy it at a greatly reduced price because they can't sell it. Have a great day!


KimMalk said...

The tea stain is so pretty. I love the idea of putting them on a Christmas tree.