Monday, October 4, 2010

Terrific Tuesday Finds

Lamp Parts
oops. sideways picture.
Never have figured out how to straighten them out once they do this.

Anyway, these are old lamp parts. Aren't they great?
Look at the blue patina on this one.

They are all aged to perfection.
I'm thinking unique candle holders.
What ideas do you have??

I've seen these glass balls in blogland.

but I had no clue they were sooo expensive.
$36 for 36 1" glass balls!

Sure glad I am a thrifty shopper and did not have to spend that much. =)

Coming soon.....
to a blog near you...
(meaning right here)
if anyone is interested......
A free tutorial on my Crow's Nest Pumpkins!!

What do you think???


Dorthe said...

Barbara Jean,
Love your nests, they looks very ghostly,-and fantastic--- would love a tutorial,dear.
Your lamp-parts are wonderfull, too.
Hugs, Dorthe

Unknown said...

Great lamp parts! Look forward to the tutorial!

Unknown said...

My heart went pitty pat when I saw that bunch of lamp bases! Can I come and junk with you?
P. S. That nest is adorable, so creative but that spider....creeps me out!

Georgia said...

I love it. Those balls are so expensive!!!


Funky Junk Interiors said...

Ohhhh... those lamp parts are wonderful! I love the idea of candle holders but I also think they'd look amazing hanging on a wall as a group as is, in just the right place. Lovely!


Anonymous said...

Barb, Mr. Blogger just old me the service was unavailable, so here I am again! :-) What will you do with the lamp parts? Candle holders? The patina is wonderful!
Hugs, Diane

Unknown said...

What beautiful old lamp parts. I see a beautiful base for a OOAK sculpted Faerie. I love the glass balls also but what were they used for? Lovely Treasures!!
Dessa Rae

Nank said...

I'm interested. I have a LARGE blackbird and I would love to make him/her a nest.

Vicki said...

Hello! New blogger visiting for the first time. Love these lamp parts. I make assemblage angels and these parts would make great halos. I would put an old picture/face in the center and mount on an old book. Wish they were in my studio! Beautiful blog, great tutorials. I'll be back. New follower.

Char said...

I think you found a great, maybe I should say perfect deal Barbara Jean. Wow, love those lamps parts and the minute I saw them, I also thought candles. The balls, love those too, but like you said, very pricey. Were they used for playing bingo? Can't wait to see the afters, Char

Cindy Adkins said...

Wow, I love the incredible!!
Sending hugs your way,

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Yes, we truly love old lamp parts and anything with "decor" to it. Antique Archetictual pieces are the BEST. NO matter if we just lay them around and look at them.

Candle holders...super idea.

What fun...will look for your tut as well.


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Hi, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the lamp parts. I've put single pieces over the socket part of a non working lamp and then put a candle inside the socket. I love those little glass balls...haven't seen them before, what a deal.

Anonymous said...

I am loving this Barbara!! You are so creative!!

Bee blessed