Monday, October 11, 2010

Pay Pal Help

I've posted some of my pumpkins for sale at Finding Fabulous.
Thank you Jane for this opportunity!!

I put a Buy Now Button on each post.
Can anyone tell me how to do it when there are more
than one available on one post?
Do you put a button for each one??
Do a separate post for each one?

Thanks for helping!!

Blessings on your Monday

barbara jean

PS also, does anyone know if after you sell something they take the buy now off, or do I?


Char said...

Good morning Barbara Jean, I have done this and seen it done before. I would give each item it's own button. When you go into paypal they will ask for a title or number to tell the buttons apart. I wish you all the luck and hope this helps, Char

chateaudelille said...

Oh I want to know the same things so this is great to help. I will have to try now!Fiona