Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Old Good Housekeeping Magazine

This is my red for today.
An old Good Housekeeping magazine.
Forgot to check the date,
but if you click on the pic you can see it.

woo! Talk about red.
Those are some red lips there.

How many remember Elsie??

OOOOH. Yuuumy!!

Matching PJ'S?
uuum. I don't think so.
These are better. Just no stripes please.

Happy Rednesday!!


barbara jean


NanE said...

I remember Elsie! Guess I'm dating myself, lol! And those PJ's, OMG, I remember having some almost identical to those! My mom felt the need to dress my sisters and me identical. I can't blame her, I did the same with my girls. Thanks for sharing, Nan

LV said...

That Redbook takes us back a ways. However, I find some of the older magazines have better reading than today. Nice red showing.

Simply Shelley said...

Wonderful....thanks for sharing it with us...blessings,Shelley

Rose M. Rodriguez said...

Hi Barbara, says a proverb to remember is to live! especially when I saw a elsie and betty crocker, Rose Marie greetings

Vicki said...

Girls, I remember Elsie too! lol

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I remember Elsie also! I know I'm old! Love this magazine...the old ad's crack me up.

Unknown said...

Of course I remember Elsie!! Great magazine pictures :)


Lynn said...

My mama got this mag along with Redbook, Ladies Home Journal, and McCalls. I read every page as a child. No wonder I am
Well whatever!

PS. I buy things and forget doing it, too. It's like a twice surprise!

Sherrie said...

Yes I remember Elsie. I love the old magazines. Some of the ads are really quite funny now that we look back on them. Thanks for sharing.

Deanna said...

Barbara, I love you magazine post. Weren't those illustrations simply fabulous? I have a 1952 Ladies Home Journal and I just love to look at for it's ads and for those vintage dresses the models wore.

Deanna :D

She Uses Her Words said...

I just love old magazines! This one is a treasure. And yes, I too remember Elsie. What I don't remember is getting this old! :)
xo, Karen

Unknown said...

Love vintage mags! Of course I remember Elsie!

★Carol★ said...

I picked up several old GH magazines at the flea market, and I just love looking at all of the old ads and decorating pictures! And I sure do remember Elsie!
Happy REDnesday!