Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just This & That: Pleasures to My Eyes

 No.....Time. Or not enough time anyway..
to do all the things in life we need, and want to do.
 So I am just taking a break....
 and enjoying some things you may or may not have seen before....

 but that I love.
 Like this, part of a sewing machine I dis-assembled.
Be sure to click on it, then hit view image, and it will get bigger.
A new little bird nest in a small leather coin purse.
A new nest in a dish with 2 little birdies.
And my latest 'Remember' sign. 
Hand stenciled on vintage song sheets.
"Remember' is a speical word to me.
Remember all Jesus has done for me.
Remember the Father watches over me.
He provides all my needs.
He understands me....and so much more.

These are all little treasures I have in my store,
but I get to enjoy them till they find a new home. =)

blessings all
barbara jean


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Beautiful vignettes,Barb.I adore your nests.Have a great day.

Little Miss Maggie said...

Good morning, Barbara Jean. Love, love, love that sewing machine needle attachment. What a work of art. I would have never thought of detaching it like that. I hope your break will not be long.

Linda said...

Simply beautiful. Thank you!