Monday, March 5, 2012

New Treasures & What Is It's??

 New treasures.
I have found so many great things lately I have not even had time to post about them.
So here, in a flurry, are a few, without much talking. (Yeah right you are all saying) =)
 First of all...anyone know what this is, or what it is for??
 and what about this strange wire meshy sort of thing with a handle??
 Hoping someone will know.
 I bought it because... it is rusty.. and it is different.
 and here are more rusty goodies. Cherry pitter, masher, and....? whip?
I thought that 3rd thing might be cute with a nest on it. =)
and how about a really cool, and also very rusty hair crimper? 
love that green handle!
This might be cute propped up in a plant...
 vintage pressure cooker...found 2 of these.
and cooool garden claw thingy.
thanks for coming by.



Rebecca Nelson said...

Eeek! Love them all! Not long ago I was watching some show and I saw a vintage something-or-other that I didn't even KNOW existed! So in the future whenever I find THINGS and can't figure out what they are or what they were used for I know where to come! Miss Barbara Jean! Yep...she knows what everything is! :)


BronwynB said...

Hi Barbara Jean, Your first item is a weeding tool. Second is a tea strainer. Third is indeed a whip for powdered milk or eggs, cream etc. The green handled thingy is a mystery though, can't see it very well. The claw thingy is just for hand tilling of the soil prior to planting seeds. This is fun - I love looking at all the old bits and pieces. Thanks

Loui♥ said...

Hi Barbara Jean~
I'm not into rusty stuff..
but the odd springy thing in the first pic with the potato masher is actually a strainer.. for Martinis.
It came with a container, with a lid into which you poured the ingredients, added ice and shook, then strained while pouring into a chilled glass for serving.
warmest hugs.. Loui♥

Becky @ Vintage 541 said...

Hi Barb, I'm going to guess that the first one is a weeding tool, and the second is a cast iron pot scrubber.

Have a great day!

Rebecca Ednie said...

The thing with the springs in a circle is an egg separator. They still make them!

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

wow, I had no idea what some of these things were but glad to see that your readers do!! That first one is pretty wicked looking, isn't it?

Curtains in My Tree said...

I have one of those old pot scrubbers. I took it last time I set up at a sale and all the young gals asked what it was

Little Miss Maggie said...

Hi Barbara Jean. Love, love, love your garden tools. I have a collection of old tools and I sprinkle them throughout my yard. I can't bear to part with any of them.

Tymes Past said...

The second item "wire, meshy thing" is a pot chain or scrubber. It dates to the early 1900's.