Sunday, March 18, 2012


This is a gorgeous picture I found on Pinterest.
I found out it is in a magazine called
Carolyn Westbrook Home.
So, I looked it up to see where I could get it.
I found it... used.... for $130!!!!
142 pages of magazine for $130.
Now, to miss frugal I thought that was a lot of money.

Has anyone heard of this magazine?
Can they tell me why it is so expensive???

I saw several other pics from it, and they are gorgeous.
I mean really gorgeous.....but $130????? for a soft cover magazine???

UPDATE: My friend Sylvia at Little Treasures sent me a note about this magazine.
I found my initial info on Amazon for the magazine, soft cover.
She sent a link and for Hard Cover, for much less money.
I have never understood how hard covers could be less than magazines, but....
they seem to be.
Sooo, I have ordered a copy, and will report in when I get it.

Blessings all
barbara jean


blessings all
barbara jean

PS meaning no offense to anyone.......OK??
Here is link to Amazon:


Blessings from Cindy said...

I'd take the cabinet for $130 but not the magazine. Nope, never heard of it and are you sure it didn't have a secret compartment in it with jewelry or something?? LOL!!

Lululiz said...

That is just plain ridiculous. Perhaps I am a miser, but I would never consider paying that much money for a magazine. I could buy a stack of books for that! The photo is nice, yes, but no better than I have seen in other magazines, or on so many beautiful blogs. Some people just seem to have an obsessive need to show off by buying the most expensive of whatever is in vogue. Sad.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Lovely photo, I just sent an email on a place to try...hope it works.

Teri said...

Are you kidding me??? $130.00????? Ummmm.... no thank you, the picture IS gorgeous and I'm sure the magazine is as well, but 130.00 worth of gorgeous... I don't think so!!!! Can you just imagine the treasures you could find for that kind of money!!! I would love to find out as well, though, why it's that much!!!
Happy Day!