Monday, March 12, 2012

"New" Treasures

 Some New Treasures...... Found this Tea Pot. 
Vintage Calphalon made in Ireland.
 Then says U.S.A. Not sure what it all means.
Trying to find info on it. Anyone know??
 My latest pocket watch. and it works!! =)

 Just some old things in the kitchen.

Some every day white enamel.
A little vignette below.
Notice anything unusual???
I 'repurposed' something. bottom right corner.
  and my first ever corn grater.
and saw these treasures.....
I know what they are now thanks to my sweet blogger friends.

 This is for weeding, and it works great!!
I dug up a couple of Dandelions with it!

 and what about this strange wire meshy sort of thing with a handle??
 This is for cleaning cast iron pots.
Got that answer from several friends.
So, thank you!!
Mystery solved.
(sold already too) =)
Barbara Jean

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Teri said...

Ohhh, love that teapot!!! So charming!!! You have the coolest stuff on your blog!!! I just love visiting!!