Friday, May 8, 2009

Think Spring and What Is It??

I am loving this bright green color this year!!
This is one of the bracelets my friend Marilyn makes.
See the little tea pot??
I love this bunny color, so I went out and got some fabric and a stamp and put
"Spring" on some torn strips about 45" long. Wrapped some on cardboard, and put some on spools.
People seem to like them, but not sure what they are using them for.. Guess I could ask them.
I like just having them sitting around being pretty and cheerful.

I have 4 of these plates in the store, and not sure what they are for.
Someone said maybe oyster plates. (never even heard of oyster plates).
So, anyone out there know for sure?
In case it is hard to see, it is divided into 3 sections. (click to enlarge.)

barbara jean


Allidink said...

I like that green too! I think stamping the ribbon is a really neat idea! Sorry I don't know what that plate could be for LOL.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Barb, do you think the little section is just for resting a teaspoon on? Very unique!

I like the green too!


On The Wings Of Love said...

Hi Barb !!

Just taking a quick moment to wish you a happy weekend ! Hope all is going fine your way. Your store looks great !

Haven't had any time to blog or get on the computer lately but definitely missing it and thinking about you guys !

Take care my friend !


Nancy said...

BJ: I just sold six of those on eBay a couple of months ago. I listed them as oyster plates and was nicely corrected by someone who told me they were artichoke plates. Now had I known that, I would not have sold them. I just kept them because I loved the weight, the raised design, and the mystery. They seem to sell well there. Someone else had sold them before me. Search white artichoke plates on eBay.

Lisa said...

Oh Happy Spring! Love the greens! The plate isinteresting, but I'm at a loss. I'll keep checking back to see if you find out!

Hugs, Lisa