Monday, May 4, 2009

Three or More Tuesday - Cream

I collect cream wear. Especially pitchers, teapots, and serving plates, so that is my three or more post today. Please go to gypsy corner to see more three or more posts. Be sure to thank Tam for hosting. She has done a beautiful job of this for some time and has agreat post today on how to fix ceramic wear that has broken. (timely for me. I just dropped and broke the head off a salt shaker my mom gave me years ago!!)

You can see the pitcher in the first pic is cracked, but that's OK.
It is still beautiful, just like us even though we are flawed.

And, I know it isn't Christmas, but i love this serving dish. It is the only new cream piece i have and although it was 70% off, was a splurge for me.
The others are all second hand, and have bits of flaws, and i love them all just the same.
They are precious to me. Nothin' fancy, just plain old every day that bring a little pleasure to me.

Blessings, and enjoy all the treasures you see.
barbara jean


Allidink said...

How nice! That serving tray is awesome!

All the best,

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Barbara Jean, your creamware is so pretty. Creamware just has such a simple beauty, and of course, it goes with any decor. I have a weakness for pitchers, so I really loved those. Thanks so much for visiting my "other" blog today, and for leaving such a kind note. It means so much to me to get that kind of encouragement. laurie

susan said...

Your creamware is beautiful and I wouldn't mind a few flaws either. Julia @ Hooked on Houses has a post from the movie "Something's Gotta Give" The dining room has an absolutely gorgeous collection that I think you would enjoy seeing! Thanks for sharing this!

ClassyChassy said...

These are so lovely! I used to think that simple was 'boring', but not so for these beauties! Wonderful!

Kammy said...

Hi Barbara Jean !
I love your collection....I just began mine - and you gave me an
idea that I can post mine it !
Hugs ~ Kammy

SuSuseriffic said...

Nice pieces. I can't wait to my kids are older, have more space and a little extra funds for collecting! We should have a unfinished project contest... I think I would win!

Unknown said...

Very pretty pieces. I collect similar pieces-- only white.

Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

ellen b said...

barbara jean! your cream collection is very nice. I love every piece you showed us. Happy 3 or more!!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Beautiful creamware ~ I am so drawn lately to things that are all in the same color family, especially all whites.

Angelic Accents

Lisa said...

Oh your creamwear is so neat! I'm going to look quick so I don't decide I need to collect something else! hehehe

Hugs, Lisa

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Great collection. I also collect white & creamware. And I too don't care if they are cracked or chipped. I'm not perfect so why should my collections. lol. Thanks for sharing.

The Muse said...

I invite you to drop by for a visit (at the above url)as I also celebrate the blogland event 2nd Time Around Tuesday.

I am a color fiend..LOL...but I can surely appreciate beauty in all its forms...I think you have some great pieces..the shapes are most divine!

Lori E said...

Most of my serving pieces are white which are great on any table. Mine are not nice like this though. I can really see the difference. Who cares if it is near Christmas time. That serving dish needs to be seen.

Blondie's Journal said...

Barbara Jean,

The best thing about visiting a new blog is seeing something I have never seen before. So...the creamware is new to me and I love it!! Where do you find it?? You really have a lovely collection!

Have a wonderful week! :-D


Cass @ That Old House said...

Well I admit to having a special fondness for pitchers, so you had my attention right at the beginning. You have some very lovely pieces! I also like the older things, with their signs of use and age ... hey, I've got some cracks of my own!
thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

White dishes are hard to beat. These are so pretty.

Gypsy aka Tam said...

Ooh, what beautiful creamware. I love pitchers too but discovered fairly quickly that they take up a LOT of room.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful collection with us and have a wonderful week,