Saturday, May 9, 2009

White Plates

Thank you Nancy at la chambre rose for solving the white plate mystery.

OK all you artichoke eaters, you probably already knew but the rest of us had no clue.
A special plate for eating artichokes??

White Artichoke Plates Set of 4Makes perfect sense when you see it.
These sell for $49.95 new, and saw them on Ebay for as low s $17 a set.
Mine are priced at $2.50 each! OOOH, maybe i should be an Ebay seller!!
Not. No way i am going to try to figure out ebay when i still have so much to learn about blogging and selling on here.


Now, on to other news.
Great day at the store today. Had customers in and out all day long. (Not used to working so wore me out.) =0)
Plus, I had my granddaughters there to make a Mom's Day craft. Was going to take pics, but forgot.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, so to all you Mom's out there, have a wonderful day, and know that even when it is not said or shown, you are doing a great job, and are a blessing to those you serve. Keep up the good work!!

Blessings and smiles.

barbara jean

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Lisa said...

SO cool! Thanks to Nancy for the answer!
Hugs, Lisa