Monday, May 4, 2009

Frustrating Fonts Question

I found this huge letter idea in a magazine. I like it because it is not just the same as every other letter style you usually see.

I found a free fonts page, but, EEEK! There are thousands to choose from.
Anyone know how to just find one you are looking for without spending days looking????

I do not care if it is exactly like this one, but love the width idea of this, and do not have the time to draw all the ones i want to do.

Barbara Jean


Jean said...

Thanks for stopping by! Your Grand daughter is adorable! I can't help with the font you are looking for but I can tell you that I got my font coo my computer. It is not one of the choices for blogger but I added it in the HTML mode. It is a script font. If you'd like to change your cursor(my lady bug) where I got it is listed at the bottom of my page. You can also google 'free cursors' I hope this helps! Jean

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Is this for blogging or crafting?
I'm not HTML savvy.

I do know about craftin'. I wanted to let you know I posted my M-day gift ideas. I Hope you can stop by.

Sweet wishes,

Barbara Jean said...

Thanks for letting me know about the mom''s day gifts.
I may have seen them if it is the sugar cubes, but I'll dash over just in case. =0)

I need the letters to cut out of wood and paint for my store.
Any ideas about that?

Barbara Jean

Lisa said...

Sorry no suggestions but they are cool! Gotmy goodies today they are just the greatest! I love them both!!

Hugs, Lisa

ps look for them soon on my blog I'm getting up pics of my redone room!

Linda's Blue Gate said...

Oh yes those grands can bring you out of the "blue".... yours is a sweetie.

Tami said...


Not to sure what size you are looking for....I do know Circut has a cartridge called Storybook that cuts something similar to that.


Carolyne said...

Since I've been away awhile, so I'm reading back though old posts I've missed.
I was intrigued by this one because I love old fonts and think you may find something @
They seem to have a good assortment to choose from. Let me know if it helps.
(((hugs))) to you, C.