Friday, May 29, 2009


In my previous post i mentioned my poor little doll's hair.
I was sure it was not intended to be there,
and that someone had just glued some on, or tried to.

My friend looked her up and, guess what?
She did have hair! It was mohair and that is how she came.
Her hair being mostly gone must have just been an indicator
of how much she'd been loved.

Well, before i found all this out, i determined it did not belong there,
and i tried a couple of methods to get it off; Without much success.
I finally just started pulling it off!
Pretty gruesome thought i guess.
Picture me with that poor helpless dolly, and me pulling her hair off.

I did not get it all off, but she does look better.
At least it is pulled off evenly now. =0))
And, she just looks like she is loved even more.
I will look for a hat for her now, in addition to some clothes.

God night to all,
Barbara Jean

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