Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mystery Revealed

This is a picture i showed yesterday in my Vintage Thursday Post,
and asked for guesses about what it was.

There were some great guesses,
but the two who guessed a perfume bottle were right.

If you click on the pic you will see a little cylinder
coming down part way from the top.
That was where the perfume was kept.
Those gold swirly things coming up from the bottom
are beautiful carved gold pieces.

I'm thinking this must have been for the upper crust
because of all the ornate trim and beautiful
filigree work.
It is very heavy for only 6" tall.
(I just thought, almost weighs like cast iron.
Will take a closer look at it tomorrow.)

The amber glass on the back is missing, and
so was the lid to the perfume bottle.
I replaced that with a beautiful button
that looks like it was meant to be there.

I have no idea the era, or where it is from.

If anyone knows please share.
barbara jean

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Silver said...

wow. this is so beautiful. it must cost a bomb?

Barbara Jean said...

Don't know how much a 'bomb' weighs, but this is $10 plus shipping.

Barbara Jean

PS Am i so behind i do not know how much a 'bomb' is???

Silver said...

:) you're such a witty witty lady with such a fine sense of humour!

thanks for the price quote. It doesn't sound so intimidating compared to how gorgeous they look.

it looks like a royal heirloom

Silver said...

Berb- i'm not sure if i was done typing on that comment when it just disappeared and submitted. might have hit on some wrong buttons.

(i'll come around and check on it later. just so you'll know incase if it was left hanging.. it wasn't my lapse of amnesia working overtime.)

Lisa said...

VERY COOL!!! Not sure how I missed that yesterday! (I must have looked and not read oooops!)
Hugs, Lisa