Thursday, May 28, 2009


Project Friday
No offeical one, just me again. =0))

I have decided that i am going to make Project Friday
a way of committing to get some things done that are way over due.
(If anyone knows the site for Procrastination Posts let me know.
I definitely fit into that group!!)

So each week i will post a project i have either started, or need to start,
and the next week, hopefully, I will have it done.

Remember last weeks project Friday?
The two "boxes"?

Well, Here is the second one done.
The first pin cushion was a little fancier,

but i thought just plain and simple was good for this one.

Just plain and simple, yes,
(but still needs a little something.....)

Next weeks project photos were accidentally deleted,
but the project is a little Dr. coat for my sweet granddaughter's
doll Vickie. (18" American Girl type doll).

So far it is cut out.
This was her birthday present last year!!
Her birthday is in August!!

So, till next time....

Blessings, and happy whatever it is you are doing. =))

Barbara Jean


ClassyChassy said...

I think your Project Friday is a good idea - I have some that I am always meaning to get to!!! One is fixing up my little garden ornament rabbits! Perhaps I should work on them today? You inspire me!

Allidink said...

I need to get hopping on project Friday too I have 50 million projects I want to work on LOL.

All the best,