Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday - old jacks

Here are m,y jacks, and bag from when i was a kid.
Since i am 60, these really are vintage! (ooh, maybe even antique!)
The ball is old and wrinkled, but not the original. The dog ate it.

This is an old pencil sharpener.
It is displayed on the same shelf as my jacks.

And this is the shelf they are displayed on.
It is a clock i made and painted years ago.
(Did you recognize the country dolls from long, long ago?)

And here is the drawing i did of my jacks and bag in 1980.

This is Vintage Thingie Thursday over at Colorado Lady hosted by Suzanne.
Thanks Suzanne for doing such a great job each.

vintage thursday

enjoy the other wonderful vintage treasures over at Suzanne''s.


Barbara jean


Keetha Broyles said...

I too remember jacks. I love this drawing - - - it is rather melancholy and lonely what with only ONE jack tumbling out!!!

Marie Reed said...

Isn't odd how children don't play with jacks anymore? I bought some for my kids and they just looked at me blankly. It took them awhile to get into it but now all of the kids in the neighborhood come over to play with this 'unusual' toy!

ClassyChassy said...

Pretty neat picture to post today - nicely created!

Coloradolady said...

Barbara Jean, what a wonderful drawing. How wonderful you saved it! I can draw only stick people...LOL

Have a great VTT.

jeanne said...

Barbara Jean, a sweet art piece of jacks and the bag they come in. Your talent is obvious even then. A fun look at your art talent.


Allidink said...

:) Great drawing! I took a drawing class 2 years ago. It's hard to make things look real LOL.

All the best,

Stephanie said...

Hi Barbara!
Long time no...type? :) I love this drawing. I have piles and piles of old drawings in a closet at my mother's house. Someday I'll dig them out and hit memory lane for a bit.
Thanks for sharing. I'll stop by to see the rest.


Lisa said...

That is so cool! I just love very simple things!

Hugs, Lisa

Unknown said...

That is so cool that you still have your jacks! I have my dad's marbles from the 30s. I wonder if he knows he lost them, ha ha